Friday, December 08, 2006

Researcher Anthony Marsh on McCone-Rowley

posted 12-7-06 at alt.assassination.jfk

When I looked at it I knew instantly that it was a fake. How? It is not written in the proper format using the proper CIA style. One tip off is the marking "CO-2-34,030." That is actually from a Secret Service report. How would I know? Because I had obtained and used on my Web site some of the pages from that SS report, so the notation jumped out as a fabrication. What someone did was take a page from the SS report, maybe even downloaded it from my Web page, removed the original text and wrote their own. Also the wording is not how the CIA would word a document of that type at that time. They would not refer to Hoover by name or agencies by common names. Instead you would see code words like ODACID. You need to look at hundreds of thousands of genuine CIA documents as I have to develop a mental database of what genuine CIA documents look like. I have no doubt that the hoaxer really thought that something like that was said. I don't think the intent was like the other hoaxes to discredit all JFK assassination research. I think someone just assumed that he knew enough to create a realistic fake to incriminate the CIA.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger Benjamin said...

The above document has this same number, and it was an FBI document. Ergo, a few government agencies had this way of putting numbers on their documents.

The fact that a CIA memo used this type of numbering system also, does not discreet, or prove, the veracity of this document.

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