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John McAdams on McCone-Rowley

Sep 13 2004, 9:11 am
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From: john.mcad...@marquette.edu (John McAdams)
Date: 13 Sep 2004 16:11:21 GMT
Local: Mon, Sep 13 2004 9:11 am
Subject: Re: Intriguing document from Wim Dankbaar

From an e-mail correspondent familiar with documents from the Warren Commission period:

The identifier "CO-2-34,030" appears in this document as if it were the CIA's file and/or document number.

It is not; it is a Secret Service file number. No authentic CIA document would incorporate the recipient's file number in this fashion.
"CO-2-34,030" was used for the entire Secret Service file on the assassination investigation. Each individual report had a distinct "Control Number."
Therefore, there is no reason to connect this document with the one RIF in the NARA database which has "CO-2-34, 030" in the title field. (There are obvious differences, and that 1978 HSCA-related document is about "JFK ASSASSINATION FILE CO-2-34, 030", not a single document.)
This particular letterhead ("UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum") was routinely used by for Secret Service submissions to the Warren Commission, and within the Secret Service. It was designed so it could be used by any agency, but I don't recall ever seeing it used by the CIA.
Examples: CE 2966, CE 2668: http://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh26/html/WH_Vol26_0... http://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh26/html/WH_Vol26_0... Reports from CO-2-34,030 with Secret Service control numbers 466 and 702 (CE 2869): http://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh26/html/WH_Vol26_0...

A claim of authenticity for this document is spherically symmetric nonsense - that is, nonsense any way you look at it.

Jim Moore on McCone-Rowley

This is an email from Jim Moore to JFK assassination researcher Peter Whitmey.

From: Jim Moore

Subject: Re: McCone-Rowley memo

Dear Peter:
Thanks for your letter - and for the work you continue to do re: the Kennedy case. Thanks also for your concern about my health. I'm doing fairly well but working in a hi-tech sweat shop just to pay the bills ... and that is rougher on me than anything I've ever seen. I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome as they keep jacking our quotas up.

Anyway, to clarify, I did not quote the McCone-Rowley memo in Modern People; I quoted an internal CIA report instead. (see "Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart) I think that is just an honest misunderstanding in the JFK research community. When I sent the memo to Gary Buell, I told him I had grave doubts about the FORM of the information moreso than the content, since I have been able to verify much of the content independently. My doubt centered over the fact that the third page containing the signature was so generic that it could have come from any memo or communication and there was nothing in its content to link it to the first two pages. I had (and have) no knowledge or expertise about the S.S. File # you mention. I wouldn't know an accurate one from a pig turd.

As you may know, it is a common approach in the intelligence community to leak accurate information in a manner in which it can later be discredited to (a) protect exposure of the source or (b) cover someone's ass. The CBS-Dan Rather- GW Bush memos are excellent examples. Even the secretary admitted that yes, she did type very similar memos (apparently containing the same information), but that these specific memos were NOT the ones she typed. Get my drift? They could be retyped (on a different typewriter or on different colored paper, for instance) and one or two typos or obvious red herrings could be included, added or substituted. The controversy then centers on the discrepancies while the CONTENT is ignored.

For example, someone told me there is no independent evidence that Oswald was ever involved in intelligence work. I believe The Rolling Stone many years ago had a major article about Oswald's involvement in the U-2 program at a Japanese US air base (where he was supposedly also used as an LSD guinea pig for mind control purposes). I was first alerted to Oswald's intelligence activities by going through a list of confiscated items found in the Warren Report (this was maybe 30-35 years ago). Certain items such as a Minox(?) subminiature camera - very expensive at the time - raised red flags, as did his knowledge of microdot technology.

Anyway, I did not use the McCone-Rowley memo as a source precisely because I was suspicious of the format of it, not because of the information within it. Also, I never had an actual copy of the internal CIA document Walter Bowart (and many others since) referred to. I was allowed to read it in the presence of the source, make a few notes, then return it to the source, who was present at all times to make sure I did not make nay copies of it. Much of it contained historic references to "behavior modification" programs in general, as well as a number of obscure and uninteresting memos. Maybe a dozen pages of it actually referenced Oswald.

Also, I did not publicize it because I did not want to become a target (in case the information was true), nor did I want to subject myself to the abuse and insults and innuendos that so frequently pop up on Internet debates on the subject.

Larry Hancock on McCone-Rowley (from JFK Murder Solved Forum)

Sep 20 2004, 02:37 PM

Yes, there were people in the Archives the following Monday after this was discussed widely online. The archivists had been previously contacted and were already searching for the document. The net result is that the RIF number thought to be associated with the document in question does not relate to it, it has to do with something totally different. After several weeks of searching there appears to be no such document in the Treasury file series that relates to the internal document number series present on the first page of the memo. Although it is impossible to say that the document is not at NARA or was ever transferred there, we can say that it was not recently located there nor is there anything that verifies that it is there. The initial source seems to have been a mysterious FBI man who gave a paper copy to a JFK conspiracy writer quite a while ago, the contents were described in a tabloid article and also in Dick Russell's first edition of The Man Who Knew Too Much back in the early 90's. At this point it seems unlikely we will ever know the true source and circumstances under which it originated but it is unlikely that it will ever be traced back and verified as an official document in the Treasury Department Headquarters files or a document that can be shown to be in the NARA collection.

First posting: When I posted this on alt.conspiracy.jfk and alt.assassination.jfk I had already been told of this document by Jim Moore but he had not yet provided me with a copy. I thought I might have found independent confirmation of the document but Dick Russell's source turned out to be a tabloid article by Jim Moore.

McCone-Rowley memo

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From: garyn2...@yahoo.com (Gary Buell) Date: 18 Jun 2002 22:26:09 -0700
Local: Tues, Jun 18 2002 10:26 pm
Subject: McCone-Rowley memo

In The Man Who Knew Too Much, p. 675, Dick Russell quotes from a memo from CIA Director McCone to Secret Service Chief Rowley about the possibility of Oswald being a "sleeper agent". Can anyone provide me with a copy of this memo?

My post on JFKLancer Forum

Sat Sep-25-04 11:46 PMby gary buell

Jim Moore has never claimed that the document is genuine. The first I heard of this document was in an email from him September 10, 2001:

"I do (or should) have one document I've never released because I'mstill concerned over its authenticity, but it is a three-page letter in which Helms, I think it is, acknowledges Oswald worked for the CIA and was in Russia for that purpose, not as a defector. It discusses how this information should be withheld from the Warren Commission - what can be said and what should not be said. I don't fully trust it because of the way the letter is constructed, with the signature on the third page in such a way that the first two pages could be fakes while the last page is genuine."

His memory was obviously faulty in thinking it was Helms rather than McCone.As I have said before Moore claims to have received the document from an FBI agent in Tennessee. I must say though that the possibility that Moore is the hoaxer cannot be excluded. He has claimed for years to be the author of the Skeleton Key, although the evidence is fairly conclusive that Stephanie Caruana is. He also claimed possession of a 350 page report on RHIC-EDOM.

Also from Jim Moore from a webpage he was preparing. More can be found at www.geocities.com/omegareport. Not sure if this page is there in working order:

What is the Oswald-FBI-CIA Connection?

WHO'S WHO IN THE GEMSTONE FILES©2002 by Jim Moore. All rights reserved.

There has long been speculation that Lee Harvey Oswald was associated with the Carlos Marcello crime family in New Orleans, that he was an FBI informant, that he was a CIA operative. Is there any truth to any of this? Any evidence?

Dec. 16, 1963 - Alonzo W. Hudkins, a reporter for the Houston Post, called the Huston Secret Service office and told them he thought Jack Ruby's roommate, George Senator, may have had a connection to Oswald's murder, though he didn't elaborate except to say Ruby had a brother and a nephew who worked for Jimmy Hoffa in Detroit.

Dec. 17, 1963 - Hudkins told the Secret Service he had just returned from a weekend in Dallas, where he had met with Chief Deputy Criminal Division Allen Sweat of the Sheriff's office. Sweatt had told him that Oswald was an FBI informant, paid $200 a month and assigned a code "S172" in connection with the FBI's subversive organizations investigations.Hudkins added that it was odd that attorney Melvin L. Belli, the San Francisco lawyer representing Ruby, was listed on the same letterhead as an attorney Abt, the first lawyer Oswald went to for representation.The revelation apparently sent shock waves through both the Secret Service and the FBI. James J. Rowley, Secret Service Chief, apparently contacted both J. Edgar Hoover and CIA Director John McCone about the information. Hoover issued a flat denial, but if the document shown here is to be believed, McCone contradicted that denial in a roundabout way, and further admitted that Oswald had been working for the CIA.Personally, I have reasons to doubt the authenticity of the form of the following information, even though I have been assured that facts contained therein are correct. For one, the most glaring suspicion is that McCone's signature appears on the third page, with just a very brief paragraph that could have been lifted from any letter on virtually any subject and spliced onto the other two pages. Second, the wide margins used are somewhat odd for standard government communications. Third, the letter is typed on a generic "United States Government Memorandum" without any marks identifying it as of CIA origin, whereas other documents in my possession show the CIA letterhead centered at the top.

Never-Before-Seen Bombshell Document: Is It Real?

Is it a forgery? A hoax? Or was it deliberately done in this manner, as my source informed me, so the CIA could convincingly disavow itself from the document? I simply don't know. I have had this document since the mid-1960s (1967 or 1968) and have never released it until now, because of my inability to confirm its contents or its authenticity. Now, though, other documents have come forth and other researchers have obtained more information through the Freedom of Information Act than I could possibly go over. I leave it up to you, and history, to decide - and perhaps fill in some of the missing gaps.

Joseph Backes on McCone-Rowley From www.jfklancer.com/forum Sat Sep-18-04

#19036, "Beware of LHO document of unknown origin

Over the weekend of September 11th-12th a document, purportedly from John McCone, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to James J. Rowley, Chief of the Secret Service giving remarkable information on Lee Harvey Oswald's background was widely circulated. DO NOT ASSUME THIS DOCUMENT IS REAL. It's authenticity is an open question. DO NOT CONTACT ARCHIVES II ASKING FOR IT. THEY ARE OF THE OPINION IT DOES NOT EXIST IN ARCHIVES II. IT MAY BE A HOAX. ...

The LHO document, might be fake, might not be a fake. It's provenance is certainly in question.I got this over that weekend, as a one page scan. Then I got the 3 pager version. I went to Archives II on Monday September 13th and discovered the RIF# given, 121-10002-10136, did not match this document. The RIF# given was most likely associated with this document through a simple search of the JFK database by inputting the number "CO-2-34, 030" seen on page one which will give you 3 hits. You think great! The 3rd one looks like it should match.But, no. It's not.I thought I was given a document with a RIF#. If this was correct I had to see the original in Archives II. The RIF# given did not match the document. That is all I was able to discover. No one should go off and denounce it as fake based solely on that, or being even more lazy cry it's fake based solely on looking at it.BTW, I was the only one inquiring about it on Monday. There were only 3 people looking at JFK records that day. Malcolm Blunt, myself, and Patricia Lambert. I was the only one looking for this particular document that day. The document raises several interesting questions. I want to focus on a question that has nothing to do with the content of the document. What do we as a research community do with documents that are not in the JFK Records Collection at Archives II, that do not have RIF#s? I think we're a bit spoiled by the RIF system. Obviously documents were released to individual members of the public, or the public at large before the JFK Act. Since the JFK Act dealt primarily with documents that were still classified after a certain date, I believe as of a date in Oct. 1992, documents declassified or released prior to that did not go into the JFK Records Collection and therefore did not get RIF#s. Also, there are records at Archives II that are open to the public and accessible to researchers but are not in the database. This is true of many Warren Commission records. So, there are places to look in Archives II that are outside of the online JFK database. There are also JFK records outside the jurisdiction or control of NARA. There are documents released over the years through the work of private researchers, through FOIA, and other means. There are records in private collections in libraries, for example there are records at Texas Christian Univesity (TCU) under the Jim Wright (former congressmen) collection. Also, there are also records at TCU from a guy who was the president of the Chamber of Commerce who presented JFK with a hat and boots at the breakfast in Ft. Worth on the morning of November 22, 1963. There was a man who worked for TIME/LIFE magazine who kept many records that Wallace Millam found at a library, or university in, I think Tennessee. (Sorry I'm doing this from memory, and I do not have total recall.) Now most of these records are available, and one can check that a document is there. All JFK docments regardless of where they came from should have a highly detailed accounting of exactly where they came from and how a researcher or author got them so that source documents can be verified. This is pretty basic stuff. But, unfortunately, it is not well practiced by some members of the research community. Ed Sherry, or Ed Tatro, or their "source," or James Richards, or Dick Russell must come forward with the necessary information as to where this document came from. That would save a lot of time and effort in trying to discover the source. And then we could validate its authenticity. I am not interested in getting any credit for the discovery. I did not discover this. Ed Sherry says he got it from Ed Tatro. Ed Tatro says he got it from "a source" who does not want to be named. (I can come up with one if he doesn't want to use his own.) But, I also had a second source through Larry Hancock, an Australian researcher James Richards who provided the full three pages. But, only Ed Sherry gave me a RIF#. Ed Sherry gave me only one page of the document, and a RIF#. Ed sent a RIF number with a link to the database, as if he was providing a link to the specific RIF. You can't do that. It doesn't work that way. And he also copied the RIF info, well almost. He chopped off the top of it. I think he did a simple search for the number one sees on the doc, C0-2-34. 030. If you put this into the JFK database you get 3 hits. And only one looks like it matches the doc. So, there was a possibility it could be easily found in Archives II. But, nope. So, where to go from here? First off, please stop calling, emailing, or otherwise pestering the Archives II staff for this document. A gentleman was tasked with finding it, Jim Mathis. He spent nearly 3 weeks trying to find it. Unofficially, he told me that officially (yes, I like the contradiction too, but cut him some slack, he doesn't get to make any official policy like that) the position of the Archives II staff is that the document is not in the Archives. This may well be the case. However, it could be there somewhere. There are a lot of places this document could be hiding. Without more information from where it came from it's a near hopeless task of finding it. Without checking anything in the database, or other guide material, but just off the top of my head I can think of several places it could be: 1.) in CIA files, and that breaks down into many categories 2.) Secret Service files, which doesn't breakdown into as many as it should 3.) An employee of the CIA's files 4.) An employee of the SS files 5.) NARA files 6.) Rowley files, or Rowley correspondence files 7.) McCone's files, or correspondence files 8.) HSCA files, which breakdowns into many categories 9.) the staff papers of employee X, of the HSCA Then there's the enormous problem of "interfiling" What is "interfiling"? Well, documents are released and declassified, and just added to boxes, boxes that you might have already copied the entire contents of, or gone through, and now there's new stuff there. And you'll never know. Fun, huh? It's also possible documents are being removed from boxes for various reasons, none of them in my mind legal or appropriate. Keep in mind Bush is reclassifying things, not JFK specifically, but lots of other things open to the public. (See Federation of American Scientists web site http://www.fas.org/ for details.) Malcolm Blunt has told me documents that were in boxes he previously went through can't be found now.Oh, I nearly forgot, on this 3 page scan, on the last page, there appears to be a ghost image of a separate document that kind of burned through in the photocopying if you look carefully. I did find a document that matches that. This is a SS kind of record keeping document, that material was sent out. I found documents like this for SS correspondence to the HSCA. So, this might give credibility to the doc. It certainly could be part of whatever is stapled to the doc, notice the staples in the upper left on page one. If a fake, it's a nice touch. If this is a fake, it's a pretty darn good one. So, I cannot address whether the document is real or not. I await info from Larry Hancock. Here's Larry's info: "The Endless Document"Well maybe the sourceless document would be more like it although it is beginning to feel endless.. Joe, this is the best that I have been able to piece together so far after an ongoing dialog with Ed Tatro, his source (Bill Cheslock), Bill's source (Bill Miller), Bill's source (James Richards according to Bill but not according to James), Jame's source, the document's original source, Dick Russell's source....ad naseum. I have not had direct dialog with Cheslock or Dick Russell although I have a message into Dick as well as his second edition editor. The earliest original source for the document was "reportedly" an FBI agent in Tennessee who gave a copy to James Moore. This is courtesy of an inquiry by Gary Buell who did talk with Moore e.g. "I obtained a scanned copy of the document from Jim Moore. He says he got it from a Tennessee FBI man and does not vouch for its authenticity..." Moore and his copy of the document were the first apparent source and it was Moore who is cited by Dick Russell, although Dick does state that the document is on record in the National Archives....this may be a mistake and hopefully we will hear from Dick himself on it eventually. When exactly this first appearance occurred is not yet documented but it was certainly prior to 1992 when TMWKTM was published. Apparently, the document has been posted on the internet within the past two years by Gary Buell without much dialogue. Which brings us to September 2004. Ed Tatro received the document from Bill Cheslock, a long time acquaintance, with a request that it be circulated for comment. He was given only one page initially. Ed was given to understand that the document was in the archives. He send the document to Sherry and when we received it there appears a RIF number associated with it. To this point it is unclear exactly when or where that number came from.....certainly the first thing I did was a NARA search to confirm it was real and in the archives, which of course the number is, but not for this document....sigh. Stu Wexler did a variety of more complex searches on various names and the CO document number which validated that at least the document related to the right Agency and that it was consistent with other Treasury Department documents pertaining to the JFK investigation. Given a RIF number and this corroboration it seemed like a serious find even given some issues with the contents. While we were doing that various individuals began nay saying it based on content, form, logic and PhotoShop analysis - representing that it was a clear cut and paste job (which by the way is denied by others; the issue of the Confidential stamp also seems to be cleared up by Moore's comment about putting it on himself?). "By the way, I asked Moore about the Confidential stamp. He says it was not on the original document. He added it, as he said he did to other material in his office at the tabloid, I suppose to say hands-off to his office mates." As to a second source, James Richards states he got the document several years ago from a private source making no claims for it but Jamie's impression given his knowledge of the source was that it may well have been created as Agency disinformation at some point and never actually used for that intended purpose. James claims not to have posted it this last week until their was active discussion about it and also states that his version does not have the yellow highlights. Bill Miller claims he took his three page copy from James posting. I claim simply to be clueless. At this point I have questions in to Cheslock inquiring as to why he has stated to various people that he believed it was a document on file at NARA and on where the RIF number originated. I have similar questions to Dick Russell. I agree with your analysis that the document could very well exist in the records; I also feel that it could either be a) real , b) real with intentional defects to make it deniable and c) a very well prepared disinformation piece with intentional defects which could have been used to divert or obfuscate an earlier investigation. For all I know it could have been based on an actual document destroyed long ago. However based on it's content and on it's CO number, I don't think it's something that could have been done off the cuff without a heck of a lot of background knowledge. -- LarrySo, the bottom line is do not go off and use this document until it’s origin can be established. There are lots of idiots in the research community who will do so anyway. This will only cause needless confusion. Archives II will not look for this document anymore, so don’t ask them to. If by some miracle someone eventually discovers it in Archives II, or elsewhere, then and only then should it be used, and then mainly for further study into it's validity.

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More on Moore:


Title : More on the Gemstone Files from the Phoenix Foundation


Some background on the person who wrote "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files" and on the Phoenix Foundation. A MUST for JFK and "mind control" researchers!

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation

Many of you have probably at one time or another watched MacGyver, the popular TV series (no longer in production) about the guy who works for the Phoenix Foundation.

There is a real Phoenix Foundation, incorporated in 1981. I've been told by a reliable source (who has been an actor on the series) that the show was inspired by a copy of a newsletter, The Omega Report, that is produced by the real Phoenix Foundation.

The television show paralleled many of our real-world projects: UFOs, power lines, espionage and politics.

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the Phoenix Foundation and invite you to join as a member. We will also be uploading the texts of our newsletter, The Omega Report, to various CompuServe Libraries.

We are, to my knowledge, the only non-profit institute in America (at least) that is dedicated to the study of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) energy. ELF affects every one of us every day. Our brains operate on the ELF frequency band (0-3000 hertz). So do the brains of every living creature on earth. Even the earth itself oscillates at an ELF frequency.

I have testified in federal court as an expert witness on power line radiation. If any of you are concerned about high- voltage power lines or substations near your home or office, or about their environmental effects, you definitely need to know more about the Phoenix Foundation.
We have received calls and letters from around the country on this growing problem (which a secret utility memo compares to the asbestos crisis), and we would like to form an international network of citizens, organizations and researchers interested in identifying the risks and the causes, and in finding solutions that are fair and equitable to all, including the utilities. In fact, we invite electric utility participation.

The story of the Phoenix Foundation goes back beyond 1981. I personally carried out a lot of the research since 1961, and founded the Phoenix Foundation as a formal organization to further my own personal research.

The Phoenix Foundation - just like MacGyver indicates - is involved in many things: weapons research, paraphysics research, extraterrestrial research, biophysics, psychotronics, electronics, agriculture, journalism, AIDS research, conflict resolution, spiritual/scientific research, environmental protection, space research, and political history.

I was the author, in 1975, of "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files", available on CompuServe and must reading for anyone who wants to understand how and why our society has deteriorated to the point it has. The story BEHIND the Gemstone story is one of the most incredible you will ever come across, and it can be thoroughly documented. As time and finances permit, we will begin uploading thousands of pages of documentation to substantiate the claims made in the Gemstone Files. These files were the reason behind the famous Watergate burglaries. Richard Nixon wanted to find out just how much we knew and who we had shared this information with.

We (I) have investigated the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy since they happened. We hope to upload a series of exclusive articles I wrote for a national magazine in the 1970s that carries the JFK story farther than Oliver Stone ever dreamed. This information was made available, upon request, to the Senate Select Committee on Assassinations. It links Watergate to Dallas. This story also involves mind control - something virtually unknown by the public that is again interested in what happened November 22, 1963.

I have personally spent months in jail in Tennessee for trying to bring this information to the public. My crime was publishing a newspaper on Sunday. (More about this in future uploads). My home and office were ransacked by sheriff's deputies, the CIA and the Ku Klux Klan, working together. I was virtually imprisoned as a political prisoner right here in America.

I have been urged over the years by hundreds of people to tell my story, but that has been very difficult to do. It has cost me my employability except in the most menial jobs. It cost me my family and all that I owned (you can't pay your bills when you're behind bars). Perhaps now is the right time, as America faces the most dangerous period in her history. And perhaps CompuServe is the right forum, for I can ill afford the cost of printing the thousands of newsletters or magazines it would take to get this story out to the American people.

Unless we are halted in our efforts, we will begin uploading to you the story behind Watergate and Iran-Contra, the real story about AIDS, and much more. I've been there, in a unique position to witness history in the making.

In 1961, at the age of 16, I was building spy satellites. (This is documented in an accompanying upload - see OBSAT.TXT) Little did I know then how a science fair project would so dramatically alter my life. It was in 1961, in a tour of Boeing Aircraft-Wichita, that I first discovered that the United States had recovered a crashed aircraft from an extraterrestrial civilization and had bodies in deep freeze.

In 1963, I was involved in tornado research at the University of Kansas, using the super-secret U-2 spy plane.

By 1964, I was working with the Cuban Student Directorate (Des Moines branch), a CIA-funded group of Cuban exiles involved in clandestine raids into Cuba to destroy sugar mills in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. It was years before I learned that I had actually been working for the CIA and that this group had been involved in Kennedy's assassination.

By 1966, I was a reporter for a daily newspaper (Pratt (KS) Daily Tribune). At 19 I was the youngest departmental editor of a daily newspaper anywhere in the US or Canada.

Two years later I was in Chicago, working as an investigative reporter and national columnist for National Features Syndicate, investigating the Kennedy assassination and working with a staff member from the office of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison. It was there that I stumbled across the story of how the US was using "behavioral modification" (we know it as "mind control") to monitor and control assassins such as Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby.

While there I was savagely beaten by the Mafia - a warning to lay off. I didn't lay off. I uncovered a Mafia-operated counterfeit operation that was manufacturing "Longines-Wittnaur" watches by the tens of thousands, undermining the legitimate company. By the time I realized what I was involved in, it was too late. The Chicago Mob's hit men made their move. One helluva story there!

That same year I was working (briefly) as a volunteer for Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. Then he was murdered. Within weeks, I was Illinois State Chairman of Senator Eugene McCarthy's presidential campaign (not to be confused with rabid anti-Communist Joe McCarthy). I took on the Daley political machine in a courtcase that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court (I won).

That case has been used as precedent by independent presidential candidates ever since - both conservative and liberal. The story of how both George Wallace and Richard Nixon campaigns tried to fund us to destroy the Democratic Party is worth telling, as is the story of how the movement was infiltrated and taken over by explosive SDS and Weathermen radicals who wanted to dynamite the polling booths. How many of these were federal "agents de provocateur" I'll never know, but I publicly quit in disgust and outrage. Violence is not at all what democracy is supposed to be about.

In 1969, with a Mafia contract out on me, I fled to Tennessee and started publishing a small weekly newspaper in 1971 that landed me in even more hot water. I discovered small towns are more dangerous than the cities. They can keep a better eye on you, and destroy you much more effectively.

My children were shot at as they played in the front yard. Friends were offered money to put me in the hospital and shut me up. A deputy sheriff was murdered one night when he tried to bring me a story he had written about how corrupt the sheriff's department was, running a burglary ring that covered several counties, and dealing drugs. When all that failed, I was arrested and jailed for three months for having my newspaper office open on Sunday. (That story made the papers, television and even Editor & Publisher magazine).

When I got out of jail in 1975, I started writing my Modern People, a Chicago news weekly (not to be confused with People Magazine). My assignment: solve the Kennedy assassination. My undercover work for Texas Senator Henry Gonzalez (who spearheaded the renewed JFK probe and who later became committee chairman, only to quit after he himself was the target of a Mafia contract) brought me even more problems after I revealed it was Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt who was in charge of the secret CIA photo team across the street from the Cuban consulate in Mexico City. That team produced the photos of Lee Harvey Oswald that were not Oswald at all, but a CIA assassin. When it became obvious that the Senate Committee had been infiltrated by the very people covering up the assassination truth, both I and Gonzalez quit.
In April 1975, I completed "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files" - which is available for download on CompuServe. In May my home was broken into and a copy of the manuscript was stolen, then later published in the City of San Francisco Magazine.

The Williamson County Sheriff's Department placed me under heavy surveillance. My neighbor, a redneck if there ever was one, was making lists of the license numbers of every car that visited my house, and turning them over to the sheriff. I was told by the Fairview police chief (a friend) that "something is going on" and that it was out of his jurisdiction. He had been told not to intervene. In exchange for his "help", my neighbor was given carte blanche to go through the house of my other neighbor, who had died, and take whatever he wanted. The dead man's house sat vacant for months.

Not too long after that, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt (yeah, I know, he's a drugged out sleazeball), offered me $1 million for what I had on the JFK murder. I sent him the Gemstone Files. Two days after I discussed the story with his staff he was permanently crippled by a would-be assassin. The story was rejected - then in February 1979, Hustler published it - without paying for it - and even misspelled the same words I had deliberately misspelled as protection.

I went to Charles Galbreath, former Tennessee Appellate Court Judge and a friend of Flynt's. I wanted to know what was going on. Galbreath wanted to sue. The story got even stranger at that point. Hustler admitted they had received the story from me and offered a $2,000 out-of-court settlement, which I rejected. (Maybe, in retrospect, I should have accepted it).

Suddenly, Galbreath backed off, after saying Flynt was being controlled by sinister powers.

At the same time this was going on, I was helping Richard Fann, a former cop, in his campaign for the Fairview City Commission, and I began publishing the Gemstone Files.

Within days, I was again arrested - on drug charges. I personally watched from a creek (where I bathed) as Williamson County deputies placed marijuana plants on my front porch - my front porch for Chrissake. I heard one deputy say "I want the first shot at him." I hid in the woods until dark, then tried to get away, but they had stolen the keys to my car. I walked on foot for miles to a friend's house. They nabbed me there. I was jailed, even though Judge Ann Franks told them to release me on my own recognizance. Sheriff Fleming Williams told the judge I had been released, when in fact, I had not, and was being held incommunicado in the Williamson County Jail in Franklin. I was alone in the world like I had never been alone before.

My landlady went to my house to discover "men in suits" going through my files. She was told "if you want to keep your family alive, you'll get your butt back up the hill and forget you saw anything." She didn't, but instead went to the sheriff's department, where she was ignored. I wonder why. Years later, I found out who at least one these men were - the Tennessee Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

I was told I would never leave jail alive. They brought a humongous deputy in (he must have weighed 400 pounds) and told me I would be shot in the head trying to escape. They were going to take me for a ride. It wouldn't be the first time this had happened in Williamson County. Earlier an inmate, handcuffed behind his back, was shot in the back of the head and killed when he "tried to escape."

I smuggled a letter out to the County Judge, Wilburn Kelley, whom I had helped in his election. I also led a work strike by the inmates when the deputies were stealing our food and taking it home, starving us out. The letter was broadcast on the radio and Kelley visited the jail; things improved for awhile.

I am alive today probably only by the grace of God and the compassion of the Fairview police chief. I was taken to Fairview City Court to face "check forgery" charges. I had signed my wife's name on a $5 check for gas (she was at work and the gas tank was empty). She didn't initiate any proceedings. The bank saw the signature was different and the sheriff jumped at the possible charges. He flew into a rage when the judge refused to force my wife to testify and the grand jury refused to indict me. He swore he would take it over their heads to insure I was put away for good.

The local charges were dismissed and when the sheriff's deputies didn't show up to take me back to jail to face the "drug" charges, the local police chief looked at me and said, "I'm not going to do their dirty work for them. I don't care where the hell you go, just get out of here." I fled to Nashville and stayed with a friend until my county court date. When I showed up, they tried to arrest me for escape, but Judge Franks said enough is enough. Stop right there. I was found guilty, though, on the marijuana charge. I didn't stand a chance against that. Sentence: time served.

As for Richard Fann, the cop running for office, he won with more votes than anyone had ever received in Fairview history, and became mayor.

My own life in shambles, I went to Nashville and waited tables while I pursued the court case against Hustler, on my own, without an attorney. I was doing alright, winning every motion, until a new lawyer appeared on the scene to volunteer his help. He suggested I withdraw the case from federal court and file it in state court, where a jury would be more hostile to Flynt's values. Worst advice I ever took. Two days later the lawyer vanished. I went to his house. It was bare. To this day I have no idea whatever happened to him. Was he a plant to sabotage the case? I don't know.

The Gemstone Files was widely published - but heavily censored - and was made into a movie and a book by a CIA front corporation. Their objective was to present it as fiction, so people would never again regard it for what it was - FACT. The corporation that published it was, in fact, a CIA proprietary airline like Air America. It was their only venture into publishing. One of their agents tried to take credit for the work.

At this point, I guess any person in their right mind would have quit, just given up and said to hell with it. But then I guess I didn't fit that description. I did tone it down (I had a family to support). I held several nondescript jobs: typesetter, warehouse manager, retail store manager).

In 1980, I served as Davidson County Co-Chairman of the John Anderson presidential campaign. The campaign was infiltrated by Republican dirty tricksters. When Anderson's daughter came to town, one of those tricksters, who was posing as a doctor, was assigned as her driver. He eluded the Secret Service and drove Eleanora around trying to get her to do drugs. The Secret Service was in a panic when they couldn't find her. I can imagine what kind of front-page scandal that would have made. This is the first time anywhere that incident has been revealed.

It was during this same year that the Iran-Contra scandal began. Reagan's people approached Anderson with information that Carter was involved in some secret arms deal for the hostages. It was pure bullshit! More dirty tricks.

In 1981, I founded the Phoenix Foundation and set up The Omega Report, a computer-run bulletin board service. When I once again started publishing the Gemstone Files, I was visited at work by an individual who worked (and still does) at a top- secret communications facility just across the street from where I lived.

This communications facility is on a hill that gives it an unobstructed view of Nashville. It has high-powered surveillance cameras on the tower. In fact, at a public meeting in front of some 500 people, I asked the head of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency about those cameras. He bragged they could read license plates at a shopping center several miles away. My next action was a letter to Mayor (and former Congressman) Richard Fulton asking why these cameras were pointing into people's bedrooms (including my own) and on whose authority. I would go out in the yard and the cameras would move, following my direction.

The individual who showed up at work told me there was a thick file on me making the rounds of the facility and that I had better be very careful. I had pissed off some powerful people. I won't reveal this person's name because I still have contact with him and do not want to jeopardize his job. But he told me some of what was in the file - enough private details that I knew he was telling the truth.

As Iran-Contra unraveled, the Foundation published a special Omega Report (still available in limited quantities). We were the first to reveal the Reagan deal to delay release of the hostages. I called it as I saw it - treason. We reported the concentration camps set up in ten states as part of Operation Rex 1984. These camps were built to hold 400,000 people - American citizens - who did not agree with Reagan's Nicaraguan militarism. I sent a copy to every member of Congress (it cost me a bundle!)

I've been told that as ABC-News panned the Iran-Contra hearing room during breaks, copies of the report were seen on the desks of several Congressional staffers. I can't verify that. We intend to upload that report to CompuServe. You need to know what's going on!

We were the first to predict the Berlin Wall would fall - a year before it happened. Using computer technology to analyze European news events, we beat the CIA and the White House on that one!

We've produced a lot of material on the phony "War on Drugs." This so-called war is a hoax. Uncle Sam is America's biggest dope dealer and the "war" is simply an excuse to destroy the Bill of Rights. It's working, too. (More to come on this).

We've produced a lot of material on the use of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation for mind control. We've obtained, through the Freedom of Information Act, CIA and DIA documents that prove it. We are, according to a CIA document submitted to the Warren Commission, being programmed "in a manner consonant with national plans" (Richard Helms) in "the battle for the minds of men."

The DIA document tells how, in 1976, the military was using mind control technology as a "barrier weapon" to literally change the enemy's mind - creating temporary and permanent brain damage, inducing hypnosis and "voices in the head."

We used it in Panama against Noriega and in Iraq against Saddam Hussein. And in America against U.S. citizens. We suspect there is a link between this and high-voltage power lines, as outlined in the DIA document. The nation's electrical system and plumbing grid can be used as a powerful ELF brain- wave transmitter to condition the population. Even the judge in the Judas Priest "subliminal control" trial cited a litany of how the CIA has attempted to use it "to alter the outcome of national elections."

Remember that as you vote in November.

Another area we've been involved in - stemming from my 1961 trip to Boeing - is extraterrestrial contact. There are a lot of paranoid nuts out there with some wild stories, but there is also a lot of frightening truth to what is being circulated. Our newsletters cover some of this.

My background is journalism, engineering. I seek facts. Provable facts. And I try to pass it on to you. We also present differing opinions - since my role is not that of a censor, but that of historian. Judge for yourself what may be real and what isn't.

Our involvement in high-voltage power lines has brought back the ugly surveillance and smear tactics of the powers that be. Two years ago, when a local utility company tried to place a high-voltage power line in an affluent Nashville neighborhood, people were upset about the aesthetics. We pointed out that there was much more to be concerned about - birth defects, brain cancer, etc.

We were invited to speak to Brentwood homeowners - where a 175,000-volt line runs only 20 feet from children's swingsets. But a power line "volunteer" from Murfreesboro began writing letters and making phone calls accusing me of being a convicted felon, a child molester, a CIA agent and a communist, and warning people to stay away from me and the Phoenix Foundation. I saw one such letter in court.

After $70,000 in legal fees (not my money), we gave up on the case, even though I think we had a chance of winning it.

Undaunted, I set up the Global Village BBS in Nashville - America's first community electronic newspaper and electronic town hall, with the participation of the Democrat and Republican parties, city council members, state legislators, the governor and Congressmen.

Within 30 days, I was again under attack. The State of Tennessee demands to do a "routine" audit of every document, every bill, every receipt, every check since 1988 - even though I've paid all state taxes I've been told to pay. This audit is set to come up September 22.

That's where things stand now. I couldn't find a job anywhere. I am unemployable. Employers who have had government contracts were told to choose between me and their contracts. My last employer told me I was one step away from being "hit", according to a private investigation.
This is what America has come to. This is the price you can expect to pay for patriotism. I want to tell you - and those who may be watching me - what patriotism is all about. It isn't relaxing in your easy chair with a six-pack of Budweiser and Monday Night Football and accepting every piece of crap fed to you on the news. It's about loving your country and your people enough to take the necessary risks to make America the nation she should be, the nation she deserves to be.

James L. Moore

I originally received the McCone-Rowley memo from a former tabloid writer, Jim Moore, who posted the following biographical document to the internet:


There is absolutely no reason to believe that this is a real government document either.

SECURITY LEVEL: SECRET TO: DDCI - Washington CC: SAIC - Nashville; SAIC - Memphis; SAIC - Los Angeles

NAME: James L. Moore
DOB: 07/02/45
PLACE OF BIRTH: Independence, MO
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 165-180 HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
SSN: (Redacted)
TDL: (Redacted)
RESIDENCE: 2533 Webb Hollow Road, Williamsport, TN 38487
MARITAL STATUS: Twice divorced (Barbara Schmittou and Trina Holman)
CHILDREN: 2 from first marriage - one male (dob 1969), one female (dob 1967).

PERSONAL HABITS: Smokes perhaps a pack a day (Winston Light 100s or Marker Light 100s), uses no prescription or other drugs (except for 50-mg. Atenolol for rapid pulse following open heart surgery 8-3-2001) and drinks only occasionally, usually in social surroundings. Enjoys music (has recorded 7 CDs of "New Age" music), gardening, reading and nature. He drives a 1980 Datsun 200SX and/or 1988 Nissan pickup, both in need of repairs. Has no outstanding credit card debts (no credit cards), but does have a child support obligation. Has a personal checking account with a balance of less than (redacted). He filed bankruptcy in 2001 following heart surgery and medical expenses in excess of $100,000. He seems to pass himself off as "a local yokel" of no great expertise or intelligence. One neighbor thought he was "kind of dumb for a country guy." Most neighbors have no idea what he does for a living.

CHILDHOOD: Mother: Cleo Elizabeth Branstetter Father: Obe J. Moore Stepfather: Floyd Riley Brothers: None Sisters: 3 (Susan, Pamela and Patricia - twins) Born James Loren Moore, he changed his name to James Loren Riley in 1958 (his stepfather's name), then in 1963, just before high school graduation, reverted to Moore. Subject has said in television interviews that he didn't know his true identity until he was 12 and discovered his birth certificate in a box of his mother's papers. He claimed he had always thought his surname was Branstetter. He was raised in a violent low-income family and it was learned some years later that his three younger sisters had been sexually abused (one impregnated) by his alcoholic stepfather. In elementary, middle and high school, he had a paper route (Pratt, KS Daily Tribune) and worked at a paint store and at a local grocery store after school. At age 16, he ran away from home, claiming abuse, but was returned. A year later, he ran away again and lived under the football bleacher (October) while attending high school. No one knew he was homeless until he moved into the school basement and was found one morning by a janitor who came in early to check the furnace and found him asleep. He had access because the school had provided him a basement lab space to carry on his scientific research (see Project OBSAT below). Once discovered he was taken under the wing of the local Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club and Chamber of Commerce, who provided him with clothes, food and living quarters at the Calbeck Hotel, where he worked as desk clerk and janitor to pay his way through high school until graduation.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Pratt (KS) HS 1963 Attended University of Kansas (1963-64) - Aerospace Engineering, full four-year scholarship with guaranteed employment by Martin-Marietta space contractors (Denver, CO). Apparently dropped out of school because of problems related to abuse of his sisters back home. Attended Pratt (KS) Community College (1964) - Journalism - no degree Graduated from Nashville State Tech Institute (1981) - Computer Sciences

MEMBERSHIPS: Fairview Lion's Club (1971) Combat Veterans of America (1997-present) Who's Who on the Web (1999-2003) Historical Who's Who - est. 1928 (2003 pending)- "This is the definitive work on the world's leaders in commerce, economics, policy and trade. Being nominated is an honor itself. This society was founded in 1928 and lists professionals whose contributions shape and direct the destiny of nations" Who's Who in Business (1999)

HONORS: International Science Fair finalist - 1963 Tennessee Press Association - investigative reporting - 2000 Golden Web Award (1999-2003) - awarded by 100,000 web professionals from 150 nations through International Association for Webmasters & Designers

SKILLS: Classified as expert marksman at age 16 in pistol and rifle; not tested since., but said to be proficient with a number of weapons and explosives, as well as in survival and intelligence/surveillance techniques. Not known to own any firearms. Experienced in some heavy equipment operation (tractor, bulldozer and backhoe) with some training in welding and heavy (gas) pipeline construction. Highly proficient in journalism, publishing, writing, world affairs, goverment, politics, psychology, music, mathematics, physics, electronics, computer systems, advertising and marketing, business management, emergency planning management and implementation, website design, photography, graphic arts, broadcasting, video editing and production.

KNOWN WORK HISTORY: Pratt (KS) Daily Tribune (1964-65) - youngest daily newspaper department editor in the US or Canada (sources: Editor & Publisher, Publisher's Auxiliary). He was scheduled to enlist in the USAF but was ultimately rejected for physical reasons (infected ingrown toenail). Won honors for his writing and photography from Associated Press. Was promoted from "cub reporter" to state editor and features editor. Was arrested on "insufficient funds" check charge ($35) and left the paper; charges were never pursued. He had been out of town on assignment, he claimed, and had a tire blowout and the check "made it to the bank before I did." His stepfather also tried to have him arrested for kidnapping (of his own sister); he claimed he was "rescuing her" from sexual abuse. She verified his story and officials refused to serve an arrest warrant.

Cuban Student Directorate (CIA cut-out) (1965). Information officer, according to published sources he participated in covert military operations in Cuba.

Federal Reserve Bank (Kansas City, MO) (1965-66). Duties classified.

National Features Syndicate, Chicago, IL (1966-68) CEO - Bob Sorren. Syndicated columnist and investigative reporter, received covert assistance from CIA re: matters pertaining to Cuba and Fidel Castro, worked with Israeli Embassy re: sabotage of Israeli, French and US nuclear submarines after USS Thresher. Was responsible for arrest and imprisonment of 27 organized crime figures in Chicago and New Jersey in counterfeit watch operation targeting Longines-Wittnaur Watch Co. and Hamilton; as a result, a $10,000 Chicago mob contract was let out on him, but strangely, he had some protection from yet another alleged organized crime figure whose granddaughter, Linda Morganelli, was Moore's secretary. Moore was known to be working with the Kennedy family and with New Orleans DA Jim Garrison's staff, as well as unknown law enforcement agencies in California. He was also involved in an investigation of a man convicted for second degree murder in Indiana (Randy K. Wilson) and succeeded in getting Wilson's case re-opened. He was banned from the Indiana State Prison by Governor Roger Branigan on grounds he was "impersonating an attorney" (source: AP) Branigan later apologized publicly, saying he had been misinformed, and subject was fully reinstated his prison visiting rights to meet with Wilson.

US Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (1968) - worked as unpaid volunteer until Kennedy was assassinated 6-6-68.

US Sen. Eugene McCarthy (1968) - Illinois state chairman of McCarthy's presidential campaign, filed an election lawsuit against Illinois Governor (1968) and won a belated US Supreme Court decision (Moore v. Shapiro - USC Jan. 1969). During this period, he was inducted by the Selective Service (Clay County, MO). He took the physical, but refused to take the oath of enlistment and was notified of his imminent arrest and told not to leave the city. His attorney (now unknown) apparently obtained documentary evidence that the subject was the target of an illegal conspiracy involving wiretapping and breaking-and-entering, apparently on the orders of the Missouri Selective Service Director. The Selective Service then dropped all charges and reclassified the subject as 1-D. All records have since been expunged on reasons of "national security."

Subject is also known to have been a target of MKULTRA and MK-Chaos during the 1968 presidential campaign. Attempts were made to enlist subject's support of terrorist actions (bombing of polling booths), but he refused and at the state political convention publicly exposed the actions as part of a "federal agent provacateur plot involving the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)." After denouncing "those responsible" as "traitors to the American ideal" he then abruptly stepped off the podium and walked out the door and quit politics.

Modern People Magazine (1969-1971)- founder of "consumer protection" weekly owned by cousin of National Features Syndicate CEO (see above). Subscribers included Ralph Nader and Sen. Edward Kennedy.

J. M. Bundscho, Inc. (Chicago, IL) (1969-71) - typographer and proofreader on night shift assigned to J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, Sears, Dial, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other major advertising accounts; member of International Typographer's Union (ITU).

NOTE: He left both jobs and left Chicago after a severe beating by Mafia associates of Tony Accardo, believed related to earlier Mafia contract on him. Hayes International Aircraft (Birmingham, AL) (1970 - two months) - employed as senior layout artist for defense contractor preparing flight manuals for NASA, USAF, USA and USN. Had classified access to military and NASA aircraft and flight operations processes. Laid off with about 2,000 others when Hayes lost a major government contract.

Fairview (TN) Sun/Flyer (1971-1973) - self-employed newspaper publisher and advertising consultant, owned and published three weekly newspapers in Fairview, Brentwood and Hickman County. Paper ceased operations when he was arrested for refusing to divulge his sources re: alleged drug/burglary operations involving Williamson County Sheriff's Dept. Following the murder of Williamson County Deputy Morris Heithcock, Moore was known to be working undercover with Dickson County Sheriff and Fairview Police Chief Don McAdon. It seems Heithcock was on his way to Moore's residence with evidence of Williamson County Sheriff Fleming Williams' involvement in or knowledge of drug and burglary operations by his top deputies. This was confirmed by the widow, Viley Heithcock, who claimed evidence that her husband was murdered by a fellow officer to halt the drug probe. Moore was subpoenaed as a witness by both the prosecution and defense in the murder trial of Heithcock's alleged killer, Harry Conley, but was never called to testify by either. Following the trial (1974), Police Chief McAdon was ordered to place Moore under arrest for violation of Sunday closing law ("blue law" since ruled unconstitutional), but refused and was fired. He is the probable "confidential source" of Moore's inside information. Moore was then arrested by the new chief, Percy Buttrey, and was jailed for three months in Franklin. These matters have been widely covered in the local and national news media - TV, radio, journalism magazines and newspapers. Subject had the
personal and public support of Tennessean editor John Siegenthaler.

Modern People (Chicago, IL) (1975) - Upon his release from jail in March, Moore was re-employed by Modern People (see above) as a freelance investigator with the assignment of investigating new evidence in the JFK-RFK assassinations. He wrote at least 26 articles, some of which have been widely quoted in books and other articles since, and have been translated into seven languages via the Internet. The first article in his lengthy series was gust-written by Texas Rep. Henry Gonzalez (see below).

US House Select Committee on Assassinations (1975) - worked in a "non-official" status with Texas Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-TX now deceased) who was chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Was subject of an assassination attempt in Nashville while on assignment for Gonzalez; his assignment - investigate ties between JFK assassination and E. Howard Hunt/CIA in Mexico City. Gonzalez himself was target of a $45,000 organized crime "hit" and his car was blown up in Washington; Gonzalez then resigned after making some cryptic comments about organized crime controlling and sabotaging his investigation (source: Washington Post, 1976 and private correspondence from Gonzalez to Moore obtained by covert means).

Metro Observer (1975-76) - Subject was editor of a minority newspaper owned by Sam Latham. Subject was not paid a regular salary. Latham said some readers and advertisers, upon meeting him, were surprised to discover he was white - as that was not discernible from his writing.

Hustler Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) (1975) - While not an employee, subject submitted a lengthy manuscript called "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files" related to political assassinations and cover-ups. Publisher Larry Flynt was going to published the story (according to his attorney Mark Lane), but was shot and paralyzed just days later by an individual said to work undercover for (redacted). In February 1977 (?) he did finally publish it, with about half of it deleted. Subject claimed he had not been paid as promised ($1 million) and was represented by former Tennessee Criminal Appeals Court Justice Charles Galbreath. Lawsuit was filed in US District Court-Nashville and noted in the Nashville Tennessean. For some reason, Galbreath suddenly backed off after winning a promise of payment from Flynt. Lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice at subject's request, but payment was then not made. Subject retained Atty. William Dickinson III and action was re-filed in Tennessee state court. A week later, Dickinson vanished, leaving only an empty house. Whereabouts still unknown as of 12-15-2001. Subject dropped the lawsuit after his wife was visited at work by one Stanley King, who told her "if he shows up in court, you're living with a dead man." King is a former Nashville police officer and Grand Dragon of the Tennessee Ku Klux Klan, who had illegal permission from Nashville Police Chief Casey to carry a weapon even though was no longer a police officer. King also operates a "home and business security" business (see King file). King had been involved in a black op targeting subject's Fairview home, accompanied by unknown agents from (redacted) in an attempt to retrieve documents provided to the subject by Senator (later Ambassador) Howard Baker (D-TN) re: Watergate and the "Gemstone Files." This operation was enabled by the cooperation of Williamson County Sheriff Fleming Williams, who set subject up on marijuana charges to get him away from the house to the operation could proceed unhindered. Subject was ordered released by Franklin Circuit Court Judge Jane Franks, but he was instead held incommunicado in violation of the court order. Somehow the subject had connections to Williamson County Judge Wilburn Kelley (campaign help?) and was able to smuggle out a letter which was widely broadcast on the local Franklin radio station (WIZO). Kelley intervened, as did Judge Franks, and he was immediately released with an apology. All records pertaining to both arrests have disappeared. Subject was never convicted on any charges and seems to have no arrest record whatsoever other than a few minor traffic tickets (speeding) that are more than 10 years old.

In 1976, a (redacted) operative, (redacted) was instructed to make personal contact with the subject and develop a close personal relationship to help the Director determine the source and extent of the subject's information and then to perform an executive action. This was
apparently accomplished, in part, and the subject was quite open about his information, but not his sources. The operative gained the subject's trust to such an extent that they formed a business partnership which allowed the operative access to subjct's confidential files. From that he determined that the subject's contacts were at the highest levels of US and other governments, both military and civilian - even within our own agency. Subject had developed close personal relationships with senators and congressmen, generals, US ambassadors to China and Russia, the Russian ambassador and a host of intelligence sources within the US, British, French and German governments, yet careful scrutiny of his financial history shows he has never been on any payroll for any of these agencies or individuals. There is no reason to suspect espionage - unless he's one of ours. For some reason, (redacted) refused to carry out an executive action and was apparently dismissed. (Redacted) said he has no contact with the subject since.

Subject appears to have been black-balled from many employment opportunities since and has been largely self-employed, surviving on a rather meager income. It appears he may have both enemies and protectors at high levels of government, probably without his knowledge.

In 1980, subject was Davidson County chairman of Rep. John Anderson's presidential campaign and is believed to have had access to (or perhaps even provided) information to Anderson regarding Iran-Contra and arrangements made to delay the release of American POWs; Anderson then took this information to President Carter. Subject's role politically has been confirmed by the Nashville Tennessean and through archives of local television interviews.

In 1981, he founded the Phoenix Foundation, "a non-profit research institute devoted to the future survival of humankind" (source: Foundation literature). The organization's work has served as the foundation for a number of books both fiction and non-fiction, one television series (McGyver) and a number of movies (Conspiracy Theory, Diamonds Are Forever, The Rock), as well as hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, TV news stories, etc.

National Baptist Publishing Board (1982?) - Subject was employed as a typesetter, the only white employee out of 100+ blacks. He was named supervisor of the graphics department, but forced out a week or two later - allegedly because of racial hostility from an employee who had been passed over for the position. The company is owned by T.B. Boyd; his brother, Allen Boyd, remains a close friend of the subject.

In 1986, he published a book (booklet) about Iran-Contra, exposing Operation REX-84 (a covert detainee camp project originated by Lt. Col. Oliver North). This was seen on the desks of several members of the Iran-Contra Congressional investigating committees as ABC-News cameras panned the room during breaks). It also made front-page news in the Nashville Banner, which revealed a previously unknown relationship between the subject and Senator (later China Ambassador) Jim Sasser. Sasser's personal correspondence to the subject was obtained by the newspaper and indicated a close personal relationship. It also revealed
that the subject has been acting as an "unofficial" advisor to Sasser (and probably others in Congress and DOD) on advanced weapons systems of a highly classified nature.

Subject's knowledge of these areas dates back to 1961-1963 when the subject (as a 16-year-old student in high school) designed and built a reconnaissance satellite using sophisticated ELF technology to monitor Soviet nuclear tests. Project OBSAT (OBservation SATellite) was developed and incorporated into presently-active recon satellites. Material support was provided by Boeing Aircraft-Wichita (KS) and Western Electric (Lee's Summit, MO). Confirmation has been obtained through photos and in-house publications issued by Boeing. Subject was a 1963 International Science Fair finalist for OBSAT and was honored by the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force and NASA (source: National Science Founation). The final status of OBSAT is highly classified and beyond the reach of this agency. It is known that the subject was being groomed for astronaut training as early as 1964, but was disqualified because of vision deficiency.

Since that time, subject has come to be regarded as an international expert in non-lethal RF weapons systems, ELF-induced weather control, ELF-induced behavioral modification as well as issues related to extra-terrestrial contact(?). His work has been widely quoted in books,
articles and Internet translations, but he seems to have profited very little, if at all, from his research. He has testified as an expert witness in court cases in Nashville (US District Court - L. Clure Morton) and Mississippi on power line radiation and their alleged harmful effects (non-ionizing radiation). He has given several public talks on his areas of expertise, drawing as many as 500 attendees.

>From 1990-1998, subject hosted and produced a cable television show cablecast to 1.3 million homes in Tennessee, Kentucky and Philadelphia (Drexel University). The show was called "The Omega Report" and gained international attention for some very puzzling things. Two weeks before the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in OKC, the subject announced on the show that the public should brace itself for a very violent "terrorist" act that would not be what it seemed to be, as he put it. He claimed on that show that the event would take place to alarm the public into supporting "a draconian" anti-gun crime bill that President Clinton had been unsuccessful in pushing through Congress. The week following the bombing, he broadcast a show that went into details about Iraqi involvement, and Timothy McVeigh's alleged "microchip implant" and supposed "abduction experiences." The president of CATV, a Muslim, ordered the show taken off the air, resulting in a public relations disaster. Local Channel 2 News aired several stories and reported it's switchboard was shut down by a high volume of calls protesting the show's removal. Two board members of CATV resigned in protest and the station itself was taken off the air for several weeks. The controversy resulted in a major front-page story in The Nashville Scene (local weekly) and a five-part front-page series in the Nashville Tennessean. The controversy apparently ended after Mayor (now TN Governor) Phil Bredesen ordered the station to halt its illegal censorship and return the show; apparently Bredesen was a fan of the show, which also attracted the support of several major country music stars and songwriters (inc. Mickey Newbury and Hank Williams III). It also known that security personnel within FEMA were providing the subject with information. This "foreknowledge" of OKC could be regarded as a fluke, but several years earlier, the subject had explicitly forecast the fall
of the Soviet Union and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall - 18 months before the fact. This attracted (redacted) attention with the objective of determining where he was obtaining his information. Subject was quite open, claiming he had developed a computer methodology that could be used to successfully "forecast" global political developments and demontrated to (redacted), Lt. Col. USA, how it worked. (Redacted) referred the technology to the NSA and DIA for further development

He lives alone in a small cabin in Hickman County, without plumbing but with heavy electronic and video surveillance, and seems friendly but somewhat reclusive, according to neighbors. He has no ongoing romantic relationships since one with Dr. (redacted) that ended in 2000. He has a small, but very loyal and protective circle of close friends, and is said by many of them to be "a spiritual counselor" who has "helped them through serious crises" but appears to have no particular religious agenda or dogma.

One neighbor, (redacted), said he was "friendly and always helpful, but seemed to stick to himself and never bothered anyone" and did not discuss his past. She said she had a very positive impression of him, citing his comforting actions on September 11, 2001 when she was "extremely distressed" and crying as she watched the WTC bombing.

Many of his current writings are very spiritual in nature, but do not seem aligned to any particular denomination or secular belief. In his political writings, he has been both critical and supportive of various left-wing and right-wing issues, apparently on an issues-based approach. He has, in the past, been active in both Democrat and Republican campaigns, but considers himself an Independent.

Another source, USAF Lt. Col. ret. (redacted), whose brother was DDCIA (now deceased) had a very unfavorable impression of him and called him "a g-d Commie." This individual had worked with the subject at the (redacted) newspaper in Nashville and had apparently used some of his own military/intelligence sources to try to unobstrusively investigate the subject through interviewing neighbors, etc. (Redacted) felt the subject was being "unpatriotic" by writing a series of artiles about "black unmarked helicopters." The story was picked up and widely broadcast by a Nashville TV station (WTVF) which confirmed the accuracy of the articles, as did Washington enws correspondent Sarah McClendon.

CATV Director and former news director for (redacted) TV in Nashville, (redacted), reports a highly favorable impression and said he took over as director in the middle of the controversy related above. He said he sought the subject out for his information and advice, adding the Omega Report show was the most popular the station had aired, to his knowledge. He said the subject was regarded as "controversial" but that he found him honest and patriotic with a high sense of ethics. He said the subject canceled the show citing "burn-out" and plans to leave the city, which would make him ineligible for further CATV membership.

Lt. Col. (redacted), USA, assigned to DIA, reported in 1996 that he had approached the subject about the topic of "alien abductions" and had urged the subject to form "an abductee support group", claiming that USA had individuals in its employ whom they had reason to believe had been abducted themselves. One of these individuals was an accountant involved in "black bag" operations against foreign nationals and organized crime; USA was concerned about what classified information this individual might reveal during his alleged "abductions." Because of official policy re: UFOs, "we couldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole." Subject was informed that some of those who would attend meetings of such a support group would be government employees with an "abductee" background and subject was asked if he would help in counseling. He responded affirmatively and did indeed set up such a group, though he himself insisted on holding no "leadership position". Any actions or reports from this endeavor are not available to this agency and are said to be classified "beyond our need to know."

SUMMARY: There is no evidence of any illegal or questionable activity by the subject involving espionage or treason. To the contrary, he appears to have made considerable sacrifices in lost income and career opportunities to serve various government agencies and officials in a somewhat covert capacity without pay of any kind. In his early years, he would have seemed destined for a very well-paying position in the aerospace or publishign industries, and was determined to seek an Air Force career, probably as an astronaut. In published and televised interviews, he has said that his life "changed direction after the events of November 22, 1963" (assassination of President John Kennedy).

His refusal to be inducted into the USA in 1968-69 might tend to indicate an anti-American mindset, but this is certainly not supported by the totality of his actrions over his life. In the news media and in some interviews with acquaintances, he has been branded as everything from a "neo-Nazi" to "a Communist sympathizer."

Some newspaper accounts have labeled him an "extremist" even though he has received death threats from right-wing militia members opposed to his views on inter-racial relations. (At one of his public appearances, the Combat Veterans of America [mostly ex-Vietnam vets] felt it necessary to station extra armed security in the parking lot and metal detectors at the doors). He is known to have employed minorities as trusted aides (usually volunteers since he had no funds for salaries) and is known to have several close relationships with minorities, and seems respected in both the minority and gay communities. He also has neices and nephews of mixed heritage and was supportive of his sister's marriage to an Afro-American, despite opposition from other family members.

ADDENDUM: He is currently unemployed (self-employed?) as of 4-20-03, yet serving as an unpaid advisor to various emergency management agencies in Tennessee and Washington. He designs web sites and provides business consulting services through Phoenix Technologies and the Phoenix Foundation (independent contractor?) and is officially the Emergency Agency Planner for Hickman County and Director of the Hickman County Citizen Corps under the Department of Homeland Security. His low-level income qualifies him both for TennCare and for food stamps. On August 3, 2001, subject underwent emergency open heart surgery (quadruple bypass) at St. Thomas Hospital-Nashville (covered by TennCare) and has been in poor health since. His teeth are falling or breaking out (genetic defect?) and he is unable to afford dental care, which may be one reason for his increasing withdrawal from public contact. He is seeing a doctor in his county and has allegedly been told he needs more heart surgery, but has declined. He is not taking any prescription drugs, nor is he known to be a drug user, although (as he himself admits) he did smoke marijuana in the 1970s - "and yes, I inhaled." He has no known contacts with any drug dealers or users, as determined through periodic surveillance.

He may be somewhat of an enigma, but is not seen as a threat to this agency, and in fact may even be an asset if approached properly, considering his ongoing connections, contacts and quality of information. He has been approached previously by SAIC (redacted) about
serving as an informant, but adamantly refused, saying any relationship had to be "open and above-board." He was helpful to the Department of Homeland Security following 9-11, with information pertinent to the use of ELF technology to implode buildings and also to destroy anthrax pathogens, but it was strictly voluntary and unpaid. He is known to have been in contact with some Cabinet-level officials on these matters, but the nature of those contacts is classified at the request of the agencies involved. He appears to have both detractors and supporters at various levels of government and military agencies and there seems to be some unofficial "protective cocoon" formed around him to safeguard him from harm or future assassination attempts. His current low-profile, high-security living situation makes surveillance extremely difficult and no further surveillance attempts are recommended. DOJ internal affairs directives (see attached) are very critical of surveillance activities that have already taken place. For one, he lives a very open life and much of his life has been broadly covered in various news media. His file of published references is in excess of 2,000 pages, plus the radio-television coverage. He has few secrets to hide except for his "volunteer" work with government agencies, which he keeps to himself with only a few exceptions.

This report is classified SECRET and is not to be disseminated beyond this agency, nor is it to be made available to any FOIA request including by the subject himself.

SAIC (redacted) DATE (redacted)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Did Oswald train at Camp Peary?

By Paul Aron The Virginia Gazette Published March 30, 2005

A purported CIA memo circulating on the Internet says flatly that Lee Harvey Oswald was trained at Camp Peary in 1958, five years before he assassinated President Kennedy. The document is probably fake. “This is one of those cases where if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” said assassination expert Jim Marrs in an e-mail to the Gazette. Marrs is the author of the 1990 book, “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy.”

The document, dated March 3, 1964, purports to be written by CIA director John McCone to Secret Service Chief James Rowley.

“I have no way at this point in time of determining if this document is authentic or not,” Marrs said. “As always, there is considerable controversy even among the experts.”

He added, “The significance of this document, if proven authentic, cannot be underestimated. The implication, namely that Lee Harvey Oswald was being used operationally by the CIA prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, is staggering. This means the assassination was not only a conspiracy, but a coup d'etat in this nation in 1963.”

According to the document, “Oswald subject was trained by this agency, under cover of the Office of Naval Intelligence, for Soviet assignments.” In 1957, Oswald allegedly was “active in aerial reconnaissance of mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the ‘confidential' level.”

The document goes on to say: “Subject received additional indoctrination at our own Camp Peary site from September 8 to October 17, 1958.” The mention of Camp Peary prompted a reader to e-mail a copy of the document to the Gazette. While it looks official and has the keystrokes of a 1960s-era typewriter, the image is impossible to authenticate without the original.

Most historians have placed Oswald en route to Taiwan with his Marine unit in September 1958, in which case he couldn't have been here then. A CIA spokesman at Langley headquarters outside Washington would not comment on the document, other than to suggest a reporter “steer away from it.”

The CIA has always maintained it had no relationship with Oswald. Testifying before the Warren Commission in 1964, McCone stated, “Oswald was not an agent, employee or informant of the Central Intelligence Agency. The agency never contacted him, interviewed him, talked with him, or solicited any reports or information from him, or communicated with him indirectly or in any other manner.”

The Warren Commission's report, released 10 months after Kennedy's death, offered a clear and simple answer to the question of who killed the president: Oswald did it, alone. Though the document is probably a fake, a number of researchers have previously suggested links between Oswald and the CIA.

Among the early critics of the Warren Report was Jim Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney. He undertook his own investigation in 1966. Garrison was convinced that Oswald was connected with two New Orleans figures, David Ferrie and Clay Shaw. According to Garrison, all three worked for the CIA, which was behind the plot to kill Kennedy. Garrison's theory proved unfounded, despite generating new attention in Oliver Stone's 1991 movie, “JFK.”

When I first received the McCone-Rowley memo I thought that it was entirely new. Re-reading the orginal edition of Dick Russell's The Man Who Knew Too Much I was surprised to learn that he quoted from the document which he described as being found in the National Archives. I thought that I might have found confirmation of the authenticity of the document, only to discover throught correspondence with Dick that his actual source was a tabloid article by the same James L. Moore! I posted the following on alt.assassination.jfk on July 20, 2002 At this time I was in possession of the document but was not at liberty to make it public.

Dick Russell, on p. 675 of his book The Man Who Knew Too Much quotes from a memo dated March 3, 1964 from CIA Director McCone to Secret Service Chief James Rowley. He says this document is "on record in the National Archives". He quotes that Oswald might have been "chemically or electronically 'controlled'...a sleeper agent. Subject spent 11 days hospitalized for a 'minor ailment' which should have required no more than three days hospitalization at best." He footnotes this with #11. Footnote #11 in the back of the book seems unrelated. This is apparently an error in the book. Footnote #10 however references an article published in the tabloid Modern People "Oswald Was Brainwashed" by James L. Moore. This article, which Dick was kind enough to send me, is apparently the actual source for the McCone-Rowley memo, which must now be considered to be questionable, lacking any independent evidence for the existence of the memo beyond a tabloid article. The Modern People article contains further quotes from this alleged memo, of a sensational nature. I quote:

"Oswald... was trained by this agency, under cover of the Office of Naval Intelligence, for Soviet assignments. In 197, subject (Oswald) was active in aerial reconnaissance of mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the 'confidential' level. "While in the Soviet Union, he was on special assignment in the area of Minsk.It would not be advantageous at this time divulge the specifics of that assignment. Speculation within this agency--and this is only speculation at this point--is that Oswald became unstable following surgery April 1, 1961, in the Minsk Hospital."

This is followed by the "sleeper agent" passage that Russell quotes.

I have been unable to find any reference to this memo that does not track back either to Dick Russell or Modern People. James L. Moore has made other claims that --while they could be true--cannot be verified. He claimed possession of a secret 350 page report on RHIC-EDOM. He has also claimed to be the real author of the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files, generally believed to be authored by Stephanie Caruana.

One of the first areas I looked into relating to the Kennedy assassination was the Gemstone Files. This led me into contact with a former tabloid writer by the name of James L. Moore who, among other things, claimed to be the real author of a summary of the Gemstone Files known as the Skeleton Key. In an email to me dated Mon, 10 Sep 2001 he said:

I do (or should) have one document I've never released because I'm still concerned over its authenticity, but it is a three-page letter in which Helms, I think it is, acknowledges Oswald worked for the CIA and was in Russia for that purpose, not as a defector. It discusses how this information should be withheld from the Warren Commission - what can be said and what should not be said. I don't fully trust it because of the way the letter is constructed, with the signature on the third page in such a way that the first two pages could be fakes while the last page is genuine.

Jim's memory was obviously off slightly as the memo is allegedly from John McCone not Richard Helms, as I discovered on June 5, 2002 when Jim Moore sent me the document as an attachment to an email.